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Trainee Instructor – Kickstart – Whitemoor Lakes


Whitemoor Lakes, Staffordshire

25 Hours Per Week

Fixed Term

To ensure delivery of activities and facilitate learning experiences in line with the Organisation’s guidelines for the development of young people who are members of groups served by the Centre in accordance with training and qualifications received. To aide centre staff in the upkeep of the facilities and its activities.


  • To instruct activity sessions and facilitated learning experiences for residential and day visitor groups as qualifications and internal staff training allow.
  • To attend for a minimum of 25 hours per week for 6 months on a weekly basis, Monday to Sunday, as determined by ACUK based on bookings and work training needs. Hours of work and training may take place between 8.30am and 8.30pm with necessary breaks. Additional hours beyond 25hrs maybe available and are subject to a separate zero hours contract subject to Centre needs and training progress.
  • The Trainee Instructor will be required to attend, participate, and make satisfactory progress on all required training elements. As no prior qualifications or training are required to take up this post an extensive and comprehensive range of training is provided throughout the period of contract.
  • The initial introductory training period lasts 6 – 8 weeks and covers a broad range of areas including: site induction, H&S at work training in manual handling, fire safety, slips trips and falls, activity session and group work introduction
  • Throughout the contracted period there is also additional training on CV’s, interview preparation and presentation skills, along with regular probation reviews and activity assessments
  • Prior to the end of the initial phase of training successful completion and acquisition of the following would be required: safeguarding course, first aid (2 days), technical externally assessed ropes exam
  • Throughout the remaining period there is a continued progression through onsite activity training and assessment, which further develops group management; soft skills; activity creativity; safety; equipment management; and teamwork. This is accomplished using a wide variety of methods.
  • All required training is provided for free, additional training is provided free for any first assessment (subsequent assessments due to fails may incur costs)
  • There are also other opportunities to do extra qualifications at reduced rates, subject to availability and personal goals.

From time to time the Trainee Instructor may be required to attend one of the other locations within ACUK to support the work of the organisation or to attend an offsite residential training trip. Appropriate transport, accommodation and food will be provided when the Trainee Instructor is at a location other than their main centre.

  • To ensure that all safeguarding and operational procedures & policies are carried out to the required safety standards.
  • To attend all training or work on time and to arrive prepared accordingly.
  • To work within any allotted team as an effective member.
  • To only operate equipment or deliver sessions when safe and qualified to do so and to ensure that safety concerns are raised immediately with a senior staff member.
  • To work safely and participate in all aspects of activities and facilities upkeep as training allows.
  • To adhere to all safety guidance, site rules and to act professionally at all times.
  • To participate in performance reviews and assessments.
  • To engage in presentations, interview practice and CV preparation.
  • Tasks undertaken by the Trainee Instructor will have the purpose of promoting the Trainee Instructors competence, understanding and familiarity in the areas of sport, activity, education, and the operation of a sports/activity facility.
  • In line with the needs of the Centre, to respond to fire alarms, accidents, and incidents as training allows.
  • An Enhanced Disclosure is required for this role.
  • To assist in any other aspect that may arise to ensure the smooth running of the Centre.

Can anyone apply?

Due to the current Covid situation we are postponing our intakes at both Whitmoor Lakes and Pioneer centre. We are to taking advantage of the governments new Kickstart scheme as of January 2021 which would be a 6 month program (Jan-July 2021) and would have a lot of overlap to our Firm Foundations scheme but would be an adapted program.

Here is some further info on the Kickstarter scheme:

To be accepted as part or the kickstart scheme you must meet the following requirements

  1. Signed up to the job centre
  2. You need to be on universal credits
  3. 18y – 24y

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