Terms & Conditions



1. VAT is shown at the rate prevailing at the time of issue of any price list, invoice or statement. The rate payable will be that in force at the date of payment.

2. Charges:-

a) Action Centres UK (ACUK) reserves the right to increase prices should any of our costs increase by more than 7.5%. Any increase in charges will be notified in writing to those with provisional or confirmed bookings.

b) Charges include all meals and accommodation.

c) Charges for Action Plus (and other packages that include an activity programme) also cover specified on-site activities.

3. Provisional Bookings, will be held for up to 14 days from the date of acceptance by the centre concerned.

4. Bookings:

a) A booking is only deemed as confirmed upon receipt of a completed and signed booking form.

b) Making a booking means the signatory on the booking form has entered into a legally binding contract to pay the required deposit, the balance of fees when due and adhere to all these terms and conditions.

c) The number of guests stated on the booking form will be used to calculate charges. Changes to the numbers booked must be made in writing and reductions may incur cancellation charges (see condition 6, below)

5. Deposits:

a) A deposit of £20.00 per person must be paid when a booking is confirmed.

b) In the case of some large or very early bookings a smaller initial deposit may be negotiated but if the booking is subsequently cancelled the full deposit must be paid (along with any cancellation fees that may apply).

c) Deposits are non-refundable.

6. Cancellations, reductions and increase in numbers:-

a) Cancellation of the entire booking or a reduction in numbers made within sixteen (16) weeks of the start date will be charged 50% of the original fee per place cancelled

b) Cancellation of the entire booking or a reduction in numbers made within eight (8) weeks of the start date will be charged 75% of the original fee per place cancelled

c) Cancellation of the entire booking or a reduction in numbers made within six (6) weeks of the start date will be charged the full fee.

d) For full-site bookings the number of weeks indicated in a), b) and c) above will each be increased by a period of ten weeks i.e. a) 26 weeks, b) 18 weeks, and c) 16 weeks.

e) Please note that a cancellation is only effective on the date received in writing.

f) Any increase in numbers must be confirmed in writing.

7. Payment Terms:-

a) Charges are calculated on the basis of the total number booked or the total number actually accommodated, whichever is the greater.

b) A final invoice will be issued six (6) weeks before the start date and the charges will be based on the confirmed numbers and any activities booked at that point.

c) All final invoices must be paid in full at least 4 weeks before the start date (or by return when the booking is made within 4 weeks).

d) Bookings will not be permitted to proceed if any part of the final invoice remains unpaid on the start date.

e) All invoices issued after an event fall due immediately and if unpaid after five (5) weeks from the end of the booking will automatically increase by a further 5%.

f) No refunds can be made in respect of accommodation vacated before the departure date, meals not taken or activities booked but not used.

8. Liability

a) NAYC/Action Centres UK have insurance cover for public and employer’s liability but groups requiring personal cover are advised to consult their own insurers.

b) NAYC/Action Centres UK and its staff cannot accept liability for damage to, or loss of, personal property.

c) Users are responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement resulting from any damage to ACUK equipment or property caused by members of their group.

9. Group Responsibilities:

a) Group organisers are responsible for familiarising themselves with the published site rules of the centre where they book and ensuring that these are brought to the attention of their group.

b) Leaders are responsible for ensuring their group adhere to the site rules and generally maintain a high standard of conduct.

c) ACUK reserves the right to terminate an event or ban individual guests who persistently ignore the site rules or behave in a manner likely to affect the safety, comfort or well being of other guests or staff. In such circumstances no refunds will be made.

d) At all times the visiting group will be legally responsible in loco parentis for the safety, well being and conduct of members under 18 years of age.

e) During instructed activities ACUK staff will take temporary responsibility for the instruction and safety of the group to ensure the proper delivery of the session.

10. Supervision. ACUK expects schools and youth organisations to have a minimum of 1 adult teacher or leader for each 14 children.

11. Termination and Cancellation of bookings:

a) ACUK reserves the right to terminate any booking where the user fails to meet these published conditions

b) ACUK reserves the right to cancel a booking for whatever reason. In such a situation all monies paid will be refunded.

c) In the event a group or part of a group failing to take up a booking because of adverse weather, illness or other circumstances beyond the control of the centre no refunds can be made.

12. Sales transactions may not take place on ACUK premises or sites without written permission from the management.

13. Photographs. During your visit official photographs may be taken for inclusion in future Action Centres UK promotional material. We are happy to exclude any member of your group; please advise us in writing of their details.

14. Copyright laws must be observed and Christian groups arranging acts of sung worship including projected or copied lyrics will need the appropriate Christian Copyright Licence.

15. Sole Occupancy Bookings are available to groups of 220 or more paying guests at Whitemoor Lakes and Pioneer centres and to groups of 140 or more adult paying guests at King’s Park Conference Centre. Minimum sole occupancy for Youth or Schools groups at Pioneer centre is 240. This ensures exclusive use of the sleeping accommodation that will be allocated according to the numbers attending.

16. Accommodation:

a) Accommodation is normally available for occupation from 4pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure.

b) All rooms are intended for multiple occupancy. Single rooms, subject to availability incur an additional charge. At Whitemoor Lakes and Pioneer centres this is 50% of the cost per head. At King’s Park Conference Centre it is 20% of the cost per head but there is no additional charge midweek.

c) Group leaders are responsible for allocating beds within the accommodation they have booked and providing details of this at least 2 weeks before arrival.

17. Meeting Facilities:

a) All groups are provided with a meeting room where the whole group can assemble. Additional meeting and breakout rooms are subject to availability and may be chargeable.

b) Wherever possible meeting rooms will be available from the time of arrival but cleaning and maintenance routines may sometimes delay this.

c) Conference room equipment is available, mostly free of charge. Group leaders must take responsibility for the care and safe return of all equipment loaned to them and any loss or damage will be charged for.

18. Arrival and Departure:

a) The expected arrival (commencement) and departure (conclusion) times for your booking will be stated on the Booking Form.

b) Group organisers are responsible for planning arrival and departure arrangements to fit within these times.

c) Groups wishing to arrange early access to facilities for setting up or extended departure times for packing down must obtain written permission from the centre management.

d) Permission for early arrival or late departure is at the discretion of the centre management and a charge may be made for extended occupancy of venues or facilities.

19. Instructed Activities and Activity Programmes

a) PAYMENT and CANCELLATION terms for booked activity sessions and activity programmes are as for residential bookings, particularly conditions 6 and 7 above.

b) CHANGES to activity programmes are subject to the following conditions.

c) Agreed changes must be confirmed in writing by the group organiser.

ii) Invoices will be issued 6 weeks before the start of the booking and no refunds can be made after that time unless the centre cancels an activity or activities.

iii) Changes to activity programmes within 6 weeks of the start of a booking will be at the discretion of the centre management and depend on staff and facility availability.

c) DELIVERY of activities.

i) The centre will endeavour to provide the activity programme as booked but reserve the right, for staffing or operational reasons, to alter the timing or content of sessions.

ii) In the event of an activity session being cancelled altogether by the centre because of staffing or operational reasons the cost will be refunded in full.

iii) In the event of activities being cancelled because of adverse weather or other causes beyond the control of the centre alternatives will be offered subject to availability and other constraints.

iv) No refund can be made in the event of an activity session or sessions being cancelled because of adverse weather or other conditions beyond the control of the centre.

d) PARTICIPANTS under 8 years of age.

Instructed activities are designed for persons aged 8 years and above. Younger children may be permitted to take part so long as they have a parent or legal guardian present or are accompanied by a teacher who oversees their participation.

Participation by children under 8 years will always depend on their being able to safely wear the equipment required and, in the opinion of the instructor, understand the rules and procedures.

20. Flood plain area. Whitemoor Lakes is situated in a designated flood plain area. A comprehensive evacuation procedure is in place should the centre receive notice of flooding risk.

Action Centres UK SITE RULES AND CONDITIONS OF USE Version 3.0 2022

Our aim is to provide appropriate facilities that will enable groups to run events that are both successful and enjoyable. To make this possible requires that all guests follow certain rules and guidelines that protect themselves and other users of the centre. Group leaders are responsible for making sure these are communicated to all the members of their group and suitably enforced. Failure to comply will result in individual (s)/group being required to depart.

  1. ID Badges must be worn by visiting group leaders at all times.
  2. Visitors who are not staying residentially must be signed in at reception and sign out on departure before reception closes.
  3. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited on site. Persons found with these items in their possession will be asked to leave immediately.
  4. No smoking anywhere on site, except in the designated smoking area. It is illegal to smoke in our premises.
  5. No pets, except guide dogs, are permitted anywhere onsite, including car park. Guidance on attendance with guide dogs will be communicated in advance of arrival.
  6. Parking must be in designated areas only to ensure driveways are kept clear for emergency vehicle access. Please observe the site speed limit and be aware of children. Do not park or drive on the grass at any time.
  7. Access to residential lodges and rooms other than your own booked accommodation is not permitted.
  8. Tampering with fire detection equipment and alarms is a criminal offence and setting off the fire alarm when there is no fire will result in a minimum £50 charge per incident but can also result in criminal proceedings.
  9. Most internal doors are FIRE DOORS, specifically installed for fire safety, and should not be propped open unless equipped with an automatic closing device linked to the alarm system.
  10. Emergency Exits must not be used for general access unless permission is obtained from the centre management and must remain clear at all times.
  11. Strictly no access to activity areas and equipment unless accompanied by a trained or qualified member of centre staff.
  12. Quiet hours are between 11pm and 7:30am. For the comfort of other guests, our residential staff and our neighbours please keep your noise to a minimum after hours. Meetings and concerts etc must end by 11pm.
  13. Switch off lights in meeting rooms and communal areas before going to bed.
  14. Furniture and other items of centre property must not be moved between rooms without permission from the management.
  15. Lost or unreturned keys will incur a £20+VAT replacement charge each.
  16. Notices, posters, banners etc must not be stuck to painted walls. Sticky-tape must not be used anywhere.
  17. Craft or messy activities especially involving paint or glue, are not permitted in carpeted areas without suitable floor protection being provided and put in place by the group. Groups will be charged for the cleaning or replacement of all damaged carpets, floor coverings and furnishings.
  18. Groups wishing to arrange their own outside activities, including involving water (water bombs etc) or external contractors, must obtain the agreement of the centre management and keep to any conditions that are specified. Insurance details, risk assessments and any liability waiver must be provided in advance.
  19. No litter to be dropped anywhere within the buildings or grounds. Group leaders are responsible for making sure that their accommodation and venues are clear of litter before departure. Charges may apply.
  20. Guests are not permitted to heat or re-heat food (except baby food for infants) and should not bring nut containing products. Pioneer & Whitemoor ONLY dining rooms and public spaces are NUT FREE ZONES. For safety reasons and the management of medical diets/allergies, guests should not bring homecooked cakes without prior written agreement from the Centre management.
  21. Guests are generally not permitted to bring electrical items into the Centre.
    • Exceptions are made for phone chargers, laptop power packs and similar small items and the owner is responsible for ensuring they are in good order.
    • Hairdryers, hair straighteners and similar small appliances are permitted but the owners must ensure they are also in good order and are unplugged whenever not in use.
    • Sound and stage equipment may also be permitted through prior approval by the centre and provided that it is fully tested, safe and used only by a responsible and experienced/trained adult for the purposes of providing group sessions.
    • Larger appliances such as irons, heaters, toasters, microwaves etc are not permitted and their use is prohibited.
    • The management reserves the right to prohibit the use of any appliance deemed to be a risk to safety.
  22. No sales transactions may take place on the premises without the prior written consent of the centre management.
  23. Fireworks are strictly prohibited onsite and in the surrounding fields.
  24. Guests must not attend site with a contagious disease and must evacuate immediately upon diagnosis or related symptoms.
  25. Group leaders should have access to an emergency vehicle throughout their stay.
  26. The Centre does not tolerate bullying, harassment, distasteful or hateful speech of any kind to its staff or guests.
  27. Drones are not allowed without prior written permission, registration and signed agreement form.


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